Precourse Program (Hernia Compact)

Venue address: Universidad Pomepu Fabra
Campus Universitari Mar, C/ Dr. Aguader, 80 - 08003 Barcelona. Room S06-08, -1 floor
9:00 Anatomy of the Abdominal Wall
JA Pereira / Diego Cucurullo
9:30 Diagnostics of groin and ventral Hernias (Ultrasound / CT Scan)
Henning Niebuhr / Hans Friis-Andersen
10:00 The right Indication and perioperative Optimization and Care (Indication/Optimization)
Javier López Monclús / José Bueno Lledó
10:30 Cofee break
10: 50 Open Groin Hernia Repair without and with mesh including Pitfalls (with/without mesh)
Ralph Lorenz / Candy Semeraro
11:20 Endoscopic Groin Hernia Repair, TEP and TAPP including Pitfalls
René Fortelny / Johanna Osterberg
11.50 Prevention and Management of chronic groin pain
Shirin Towfigh
12.20 Lunch Break
13:00 Primary and Secondary Ventral hernias - open / endoscopic
Julio Gómez Menchero / Juan José Espert
13.30 Complex Ventral Hernias and Component Separation – anterior/posterior
Todd Heniford / Pilar Hernández Granados
14:00 Management of Complications in Hernia Surgery
Juan Bellido
14.30 Database and Certification, Value of Scientific Research
Andreas Koch / Gabrielle Van Ramshorst
15.00 Certificates / End of the Session
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